Best place to sell online besides ebay

best place to sell online besides ebay

Looking for some serious alternatives to eBay in order to buy or sell your Artfire also has a solid reputation for good customer service and site. Sorry to ruin your happiness, but a good portion of the seller community doesn't consider ebay as a ' good ' marketplace anymore. Their policies are. Best alternatives to eBay: Gumtree, eBid, Preloved, Etsy, Craigslist, Shpock, Music Magpie, Zapper, Ziffit, Asos It's getting harder to sell your stuff and make money on eBay. Over the eBid is an online auction site, which launched in. You just motogp katar to make sure that your prices are competitive enough to be a contender without sacrificing too much of your profit margins. Many of the policies may be considered illegal, yet the authorities at both the state and government level seemingly have no interest in pursuing prosecution. Facebook is emerging quickly for local sales and it definitely offers a level of security as scammers think twice before being dishonest with their name, picture and their contacts tied to it. Sellers are discriminated against! It is not our business to make the decision how this is handled. Posted by Daymond Dodge on 4: Better the devil you know! best place to sell online besides ebay

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So make sure that if you do build your own site, you really focus on keywords and SEO, as well as a solid social media strategy. You may also like. That is what Ebay is intently focused on and unfortunately sellers suffer because of it. You can list items yourself and handle the sales on your own if you choose, or use the service's "full service" concierge, where you list the item, list your price, and then let ThreadFlip handle the rest. You don't have to compete with other categories for attention. Used to make decent money selling books on half. They make their money via banner ads, so there are no fees.

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The imbalance and frustration is too great. Selling on ebay for over 12 years, power seller, and probably less than 10 requests for returns in all that time. This limits your market compared to eBay, which usually involves shipping to a much wider area. A little effort goes a long ways. As for resale numbers: Get lots of photographs, and don't forget to collect testimonials! Regarding the pricing, the marketplace is quite similar to other eBay alternatives on this list.


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